The Real World. The Real TU.

IMG_1284When we think about graduating, from our nice little Christian university, in the middle of nowhere. We think to ourselves…”what is the real world like? I’m not ready to go there!” But as I was talking to my friends about graduation today, I realized…Christian’s at camps and at colleges are in the real world, we just aren’t looking hard enough to see the pain in our own realms. I know we’ve heard it time and time again. That Taylor has a relatively large population of depressed students, and there are ridiculous amounts of eating disorders here. There are people who cut, people who try to commit suicide….there is everything. Everything you would find in the real world, you would find at our ‘perfect Christian university’. But really…is it true?

Are people looking past what is right in front of their eyes. How are we missing the pain and the tears? How are we missing the grief and suffering? Where are we looking? The ‘real world’ might not be what we would call home, but truth be told we are always in the same world. We are just calling this temporary place ‘different’. But why? Can’t we have problems too? Are we to good to have these issues? Are we to good to have eating disorders? To cut? To be depressed? Are we too good to live in the ‘real world’?

I hear people say all the time that they aren’t ready to go into the ‘real world’, and that it is such a scary big place out there. Yes, I would have to agree that it is big, but we are part of that big world. We are just a little bump in the road to see the rest of it. We are still consisted to be on this sinful planet. We are still in the way of harms desires. We are still going to be hunted by the devil, and just because we are in a Christian university doesn’t mean we are perfect people.

I just don’t understand the term ‘real world’ anymore. We’ve made it into something that we don’t want to be apart of, when it’s in fact something we are feeding into daily. We all have to admit, we sin everyday. We hurt people, we hurt ourselves, we hurt the earth we live in. But does being a Christian, living with a bunch of other Christian’s really make it so that we are beyond those sinful desires, and those sinful actions. We as Christian’s have problems. We have issues, and I think we are looking past that. I can only pray to God that he would come sooner than later, as I don’t know how much farther we can make it in this world without him.

All this pain in the earth…it happens everywhere. It happens all the time. Sin is piercing into those that we love, those who are so close to us. It is getting to us, and it is breaking so many people. The ‘real world’ isn’t really a problem for us Christians….it’s a state of being for us all. We can’t surpass the hard stuff, we just have to look harder to see it. As Christian’s we tend to be good at hiding our own problems. But we can’t anymore. We need to realize that this stuff happens, this stuff is real. Regardless of living here.

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