Running with Perseverance?

What does that even mean “running with perseverance”? This is something I started to think about when a good friend of mine showed me my own blog after a pretty negative day, when thinking about the summer. But then, I talked to God. When looking at my blog today I realized that the only reason I really wanted to start this blog was for my own personal benefit. It’s helpful for me to write and that is exactly why I thought a blog would be a good idea. It’s a little funny but just  knowing that it is possible for someone to actually read this really just motivates me to actually write what I’m trying to learn. 

But…running with perseverance. I think I’m beginning to understand it now. I think I choose this for my blog because…well I like running and the verse about running the race. But, Perseverance…it’s something I need to work at. I know that this is something I must work on, because I can’t quit, and at times I’m a quitter. No matter what I need to learn that this is what needs to happen. This is what God wants. I’m not suppose to give up on this summer and that is something that I’m going to work at. After coming home from work today, I got on Facebook and watched the music video ‘Worn’ by Tenth Avenue North and was just amazed at how much it really hit home. It was interesting to just listen to the lyrics and realize how much I felt like the song was talking directly towards me and then realize that songs are definitely the way to break my heart. So, that being said I listened to more…a lot more. So a little over a cd later, I’m here. To tell you all about the amazing opportunity that I have this summer, to truly run the race with perseverance.

I have this once in a lifetime (yes, this might be it) to use my actions to live God’s love out loud. I know, that sounds a little intense and probably something you’ve heard before. But it’s not. It’s my summer. To live my life, showing God’s love to just one person at a time. This is the mission for summer that I’m working towards. After a long discussion with God tonight, I know that this is where I’m suppose to be…at home, with my family; at the movie theater, with my new co-workers; and at the Women’s Residential Center, with a group of strangers who got a little off along the way in this crazy thing we like to call life. I have this ONCE in a lifetime opportunity to show who God is and to show how much He is needed in this world. We are all fallen, and we’ve all stumbled on our own runs, but I want to persevere and I want to help those who’ve lost their balance get back on track. I want to show those people that I love most, that they have not been forgotten. I want to show those who think that there is no one else in the world to love them…that there has always been one. One who has never stopped His run to show them love.



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