Blessed are those who mourn.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4)

Mourning is something that I’ve been learning these past couple of years. It can come in all different shapes, sizes, and ideas. But it is different for everyone and sometimes we run from our mourning. Sometimes, we don’t want to see how things will work out and sometimes we don’t want to face the good news or the bad news. But in knowing this, I’ve learned this is something that we can’t give up. So many people think of death when they think about mourning someone. But what if mourning was about an idea. What if you had created this perfect being in your life, what if you created this idea of someone who was better than they really were. What if this idea you made up didn’t have a flaw; but then this idea failed, you would have to mourn?

I think this is the idea that has been stuck in my head since reading this verse. Time and time again I thank God for the fact that I have never had to deal with a death in my family, within my friends, and so on. But once I thought about mourning, I learned it’s something we all have to deal with, regardless of a loss of life. It’s the loss of an idea that I’ve found myself mourning over. We do tend to put these ideas in our head that are false, that are lies. But they are our lies, in the times that we’ve fallen from God…we’ve come to the worldly desires of this world. As humans we’ve created this new idea of something, it can range from the perfect human to the perfect day. But there really is no such thing as perfect.

In making this blog shorter for today (as this is actually the second time I’ve written about this verse) I just want to say mourn. Mourn in the ideas that you’ve created for people. Mourn the loss of that person. Mourn the unsettled plan. Mourn, so that you can be comforted. God wants us all to become weak, so that we can become strong in Him. It comes back to yesterday in being “poor in spirit”. God wants us broken down…till we are nothing. So that He can create us into something even more. Today I don’t want to act strong, I want to mourn for the ideas that I’ve placed in my head. I want to mourn for all of the times I’ve created lies for myself and for others. I want to break, until God can put me back together again. 33928_10150284978550693_753735692_15062681_5154945_n


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