Blessed are the meek.

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

This one was a fun one to go over with a friend. I just didn’t realize how difficult it would be, when I was confused and stuck on some of the littlest things. To start off meekness is always something I’ve thought of as being bad, except for in this context. So of course when I came back and looked at it the first time again, I just realized…wow meek, God wants us to stay quiet? Oh cool God, just what I love to do. Then I realized. I should really stop assuming that God wants me to do the exact opposite of what I like doing. Clearly I like to talk a lot, as evident by the fact that this is my what 4th or 5th blog entry within…one week. But really, talking… I think it’s actually a spiritual gift of mine 🙂 But meekness, not something I’m really good at and something I don’t necessarily want to do. Why would I want to stay quiet, when I feel like there is something to be said. At times, I can of course be quiet, but when it comes about God I feel like I just…don’t want to stop talking. And this is where the learning is needed and this is why I need someone to show me the way.

This verse has shown me what I am and what I’m not. It’s given me a chance to see what I’ve grown in these last couple of years, and what can still be grown in. I think to some extent I have grown in become more meek, in what God has called me to be meek in. But at the same time, I think He is always going to be teaching me how to be meek in ways that show Him the glory. It’s amazing when I think about it, God having me be meek, and yet still giving Him the glory. It’s really funny how God works.

As for the “will inherit the earth”. This was something that I was like…”Woah bro. No”. But of course I was thinking this is a terrible idea because who would want an earth that is just sinful. I definitely do not want one of these…not on my list of things to get. But then a friend kindly explained it to me as the whole idea of the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Right now, I’m still a little confused on what that even means…but I think I kind of get it. All in all. I still need to look into this verse, because it’s just… kinda confusing to me to some extent. But I know I’ll get there.

As an overview of what this verse has show me today: the bible is complex and simple all at the same time. And that being said, so is God. He is the most complex thing ever and yet He is so simple (not in a bad way). God really is only asking a few things of us but they are things that are so hard for us, at times, because we are human. It’s funny to think about being “poor in spirit”, mourning, and being meek and then realizing that this is what God is wanting from us. He isn’t wanting us to show off our bible skills, He isn’t asking us to be constantly in the word. He is asking us to stop and to look at the world around us and to take it all in. He is asking us to process with Him and to let our selfish desires fall to our sides. God wants us to realize that we don’t have to be big and powerful. He wants us when we are small and needy. All of these things that I’ve mentioned are things that I would consider to be weak. But I know this is how God wants us; and it’s so cool to see His intentions, in the bringing of His children to Himself.

Looking at the world around me.

Looking at the world around me.

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