Blessed are the Merciful.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. (Matthew 5:7)

Mercy is something that has always been big in my life. Knowing that it is said to be my biggest spiritual gift, I do have to say that there is always room to grow. Being in social work has definitely helped me realize a lot about mercy and how I don’t always give it to some people, but I will always give it to others. When it comes to strangers, I for some reason give people mercy. Maybe it’s because I don’t know their lives, or because I just don’t want to know their lives and I just trust them or not…I’m not sure. But when it comes to my family and most of my friends, I think mercy is harder to give. I really don’t understand why, as family and friends and the ones closest to me are suppose to be the ones I trust more, but I know that from looking at my track record, mercy is one thing I have lacked on in numerous circumstances.

When looking at this verse I can’t help but be encouraged in the truth that God is telling us. If we just simply give mercy to those that He loves, He in return will show us mercy as well. Realizing that I can’t help but think of just loving others, and how much God has called us to do  that everyday. Giving mercy to others isso important, as we get to live out the love of Christ through it. We have this amazing opportunity to show the world who God is, without even saying His name. It’s amazing when you think about. We can share the gospel and who Christ is…without even saying HIS NAME. I know that so many people I’ve come into contact with label me as the “religious one” or the Christian, and although they are right, I don’t want to be known by that. I want to be known as a person who gives mercy, who loves justice, and never gives up on the world around her. I want to make sure that God gets the glory not through what people call me, but how I live my life. I want to show mercy daily, to those I know and to those I do not.

Mercy doesn’t have to be a hard thing. If we just simply thought about how much mercy God has given us, since before we were born…imagine what a little bit of that could do for our world. We are all sinful beings, but that doesn’t mean we always have to sin. I want to start showing more mercy to those around me this summer, and to really show God’s love that way. We’ve been called to give mercy to those in the world, becau

se God has already given us His mercy and He will continue to give us mercy as we share it with others. Jesus is the greatest mercy giver, and I want to be just like Him. I want to learn how to show mercy better, and to really show people how to give mercy to others as well. It doesn’t have to stop with us. We can show mercy to others and then they in return, can show mercy to many more. This is a chain reaction that could really affect the world. So why not try it? God has called us to do it. Why not start today?


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