Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peace like a river (or an ocean)?

Peace like a river (or an ocean)?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

Honestly, how could you not want to make some peace if you get to be called a CHILD OF GOD! I mean, how cool is that? I think this verse is just so exciting because God is calling me something that I really love to be called. I love to say that I am a daughter of God, and that He is my Father, my Papa, He really is EVERYTHING. This verse really is great though because it makes you think of all the people that you need to make peace with. When I first try to think of some people that I make peace with… I stop and I think…what if? What if God isn’t telling me to make peace with people this summer, or at least not now? What if God is saying, “continue to make peace with me”?

I was thinking about it, and as much as I wasn’t expecting it, God has been showing me how to make peace with Him and really just how bad our relationship had been before…well these last couple of weeks. Thinking of last summer and where I was and the INCREDIBLE decline in my relationship with Christ is just… appalling. It’s disgusting to even think I would ever let my relationship with God get that bad. But in knowing that and looking as to where I’ve come, even this past week and a half of so, it’s looking much better. I can finally read my bible again, and I’m actually excited to read it everyday. It’s not something that I just shove off and say “I’ll read it later”, but rather it’s something that I never want to stop doing. It was hard enough to just not get on and write another blog entry on the next verse because I was just so excited to read it and to learn about it. But I didn’t want to get to far ahead of my friend that I’m going through the beatitudes with because she hadn’t read the last two verses yet. It’s a rough life 🙂

ANYWAYS. It’s been great making peace with God this summer, and having the opportunity to be called His child. It really is true though…this verse. I feel like He has called me His child time and time again since being home and since starting to study His word again. It’s amazing how much you realize that God is calling you when you actually listen. It’s great. I just want to continue in this making peace and really learn how to extend that to the people around me. If I just simply learned how to make peace with others, how much more will God call me His child? And then, how much closer will the people I’m with everyday grow closer to their Father in Heaven? And will they one day become Children of God?

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