Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)

With today’s little verse I decided to study it a little bit more. I wanted to get a bigger understanding about what it means to actually be pure in heart and what others think it means. What I found is something that is rather interesting and something that could definitely be more of a lesson than I once thought. One place that I went to look showed me that being pure could mean a whole bunch of things. When we think about the context (which we should) of where this verse comes from we can see that it could either mean that being pure is to be cleaned from something like leprosy or when dealing with spiritual life, someone is being purified by unclean spirits or being purified of unadulterated motives. When going with this verse though… I’m gonna look at it being the last one.

So, when looking at pure being described as being purified of unadulterated motives we can think that it represents the ideal state of the mind, in which we only want to do things for the glorification of God. In this, being free from these motives we have this unselfish joy of just giving God all we’ve got for all the glory, taking none for ourselves. This is what the pure in heart would look like. If we unselfishly just give all the glory to God, saving nothing for ourselves and wanting nothing in return.

When we go to the second part of the verse this is a bit of a controversy People see this as being the only way to coming to Christ. So if that is true, does that mean that the only way that people will see Christ is if we are absolutely pure from all selfish motives? To me this part is a little difficult, only because well clearly I’m not a pro in any of this…and I just decided to study these because …well I needed something to study. BUT, that being said I think I can say that I think it is someone of that, as well as somewhat of what other people say. I personally think that we have to strive to be pure in heart when coming to Christ. God knows our intentions, He knows our hearts; and when we come to Christ and when we really strive to see God we are pure in heart. Because that is all we want. When we are looking for God we do strive to be pure, this is the one moment in our lives when we do have the best intentions. This is the part of our lives where we fall to our selfish desires and realize that we cannot do this life alone, and for that we give ourselves to God.

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