Blessed are the Persecuted.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:10)

Well… this one is a bit hard to even think about. From my recent post, we can know that we can only be righteous through Jesus, and through Him alone. But being persecuted isn’t actually something I’ve really experienced, well at least not under my definition of persecution. I’ve heard of so many people being persecuted far worse than I could ever experience, and so it is hard for me to even consider myself being persecuted for Christ. It is because of that that I don’t know what to say in this blog, because this is so hard for me to even think of myself as being persecuted. I’ve been so blessed to live in the place that I do, the home that I do, attend the school that I do, and have the friends that I do.

Even though, I have had my share of being called the “religious one”, or the “spiritual one”, or the “Christian” I can’t say that I’ve been persecuted. I don’t think I’ve suffered nearly enough to be considered persecuted. But this makes me think, what if my definition of persecution is even correct. When I think of persecution I think of those who have been verbally and physically abused for being Christians, those who have been called dirty names because they said they believed in God. When I think of persecution, I think of NOTHING that I’ve experienced. How could I even experience persecution, when I live such a great and privileged life?

And I think this is where I am left. I don’t believe that I have been persecuted for my belief in Christ. I don’t think that I’ve had to experience that much in my life, even though my family members aren’t Christians and even though the people I work with aren’t Christians. I’ve had numerous friends who are against Christianity, but never a friend that was against me. And I think in learning that, and learning that I haven’t dealt with much persecution it gives me a bigger motivation to help and stand up for those who are. Just writing this, I don’t know what that means though? I’m not sure how I can help those who are persecuted daily. I’m not sure how to help those who can’t even say the name of Christ in their country. All I know, is that I can pray for those who are persecuted and to pray that those they are being persecuted by will realize just how GREAT their God is.

When I read this verse, I don’t see myself being persecuted, but I see myself having an opportunity. An opportunity to pray for those who have been persecuted far worst than I could ever think or imagine. It breaks my heart to think that so many people are killed, abused, and abandoned for their love in Christ, while I get to live my life and how I get to claim Christ’s name ever day. But then at the same time, this makes me think am I showing the world who Christ is enough? And even though this is a whole blog on it’s own, I just want to touch on this one thing. If I’m not being persecuted, does that mean that I’m not showing who Christ is as much. If I’m not proclaiming His name does that mean that I’m not using His name correctly, or that I’m not glorifying His name as I should? Am I suppose to be persecuted? Or am I good where I’m at? What do you think?

Am I doing my best to show the world who God is?

Am I doing my best to show the world who God is?

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