After talking to the bestie, and having a little mini conversation about our friend group and about the inconvenience that is about to happen this year as well as the years after that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t worry too much. I think after talking to her, talking to my boyfriend and some of my other friends, I’ve realized that we are such good friends that not a single one of us would allow our friendships to end. It’s amazed me how close some of us have gotten this last year even and just how much we love one another. It’s so exciting to think that “the friend group” could be something that could go beyond college and this makes me the happiest in the world.

I know a lot of people have been telling me lately that I’m going to have to grieve and that it’s going to be a terribly hard transition from Taylor life, to real world life. But the amazing thing is, is that I’m not as worried as I thought I would be. I for some reason have full faith that my friends and I are going to stay in contact with one another. If we all aren’t going to live with one another (which would be the most awesome dream come true), I feel like we will all live near each other or some of us will live with one another. I don’t think that we want to leave one another and I think it’s possible for us to not leave one another. After college is the time where you are not stuck to anyone or to anyplace. It’s a time where you are free to go anywhere in the world and settle down (you still have to pay those loans though) but you are free in a way. Even though one of our friends lives in North Carolina now, another is moving to the Middle East in the Fall, another is graduating in December and moving to most likely Illinois, myself and another are graduating in May and the last one graduates a whole year later…I know there is still a chance for us as friends. I know that God has really blessed our relationships with one another. Not just as a group, but he has blessed us with relationships with each person in the friend group. I know that I can talk to any person about anything and you don’t always see that. I know that because of this, we do have something that is great and something that we have to try to keep.

This friendship is something that we will never find again and although we might not be in such close proximity anymore, we might not live in the same dorm anymore and possibly not even in the state or country…we are still going to be “the friend group”. Convenience is great, but it’s the love that is going to keep us together. And I know that sounds weird…but it’s something that is so true. It’s something that we have to look forward to! Our friend group doesn’t stop when we graduate. It goes far beyond that and that’s because we’ve learned to grow in Christ with one another. I have some of the most spiritually strong people in my friend group. I’ve gotten the best advice, encouragement, love, and compassion from these people and I know that it is because they let God live in and through them. These people are the most amazing group of people in the whole entire world, and I’m glad I don’t have to imagine life without them. These friendships I’ve made are not going to end once we leave Taylor. These are the friends that I’m going to keep for a life time. We are going to grow old together and we will always care and love one another! It’s a little crazy to think about and some people would even say it’s not realistic and too optimistic. But I don’t believe that is so. I believe that convenience isn’t something we need anymore. We are more than just convenient friends. We are “the friend group” who will essentially do whatever it takes to spend more time with one another. I love it, I love them. 🙂

Insert Renee.

Insert Renee.

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