It takes ONE.

Sometimes, God amazes me in the ways that He works. Sometimes I feel as though He is BEYONG complexed, but other times He does the simplest things in life to make his presence evident. This week, a Skype date with the bestie, and a G+ with the “broskie” (he doesn’t know I call him this…but I like it so it is now his new name), and soon to be a G+ date with the boyfriend. I didn’t realize how much some of these peoples interactions meant to me…until they had ended for a while. Life’s been crazy busy lately, with work and the internship and it’s been hard to talk to anyone. But this week, after talking to the broskie, in which I haven’t talked to in about a month…it was completely evident to me how much I needed friends like him. I didn’t realize all that we could talk about and all that we could share with one another. I think for the first time this summer, I got to to share my whole heart with someone and wasn’t afraid to say it to them. He knew I was struggling, so it gave him the opportunity to ask or to not ask…and to be honest I’m completely amazed that he wanted to know how I was actually doing. Not because I didn’t think he cared, but because he probably knew all I was going to say…but he asked anyway. It was great to feel such love from a friend that I haven’t talked to in a while, and to just be able to experience such a great and trusting friendship with someone.

Now in that, I must connect this as to how I see God so evident lately. Well, this week has been an interesting one to say the least. One of my mentors left for Africa yesterday, my best friend left for a youth conference along with my other mentors and younger friends…and my other friend has to work all week after being gone for 2 weeks on vacation. So… It’s been hard relationally to be in Florida. But I’ve seen God really work in my schedule to have time to Skype and G+ with my friends from school. I have been dreading this week for a while, because I knew that no one would be here but God really showed me that He’s got my back this week. I’ve been learning so much lately that I am people oriented, I survive off relationships and I know that sounds bad…but it includes God’s relationship so don’t worry. But it’s true. I do survive off the love I get from others. I think God’s been teaching me a lot about that lately and just how much I am affected by words and time spent together with others. When I was talking to my broskie (still funny) the other night we just talked about silly things (with some seriousness of course) but we looked up silly things online and interesting obsessions and we just laughed a lot of the time. It was exactly what I needed, but once that was finished I felt so much better about my day and my attitude switched automatically. For some reason God used that conversation to just show me what He wanted me to do with my attitude. Ever since the other night I’ve been asking God to take my thoughts captive and to only fill me with thoughts that would glorify Him in every way possible. And to my amazement, He has followed through every time. God…He is just amazing me daily and it’s been so great! He is showing me things through little conversations I have with people, He is showing me things through a simple prayer that I pray only a couple times a day. God is showing me things through my time spent alone and how much I wasn’t afraid of being alone, I was afraid of thinking (this will probably be a blog later on) and the repercussions that come a lot of the time after I’ve been thinking. If you know me…you know how much I hate alone time and how much I run from it…so this is a big one. But yes, I’m learning a lot this summer. At times, it’s sucks and I don’t really see that I’m learning…but I am. But at other times (like today) I just see how much I’m learning and how impactful this summer of “being alone” really has been. It’s been hard being solo this entire summer and I still have half of it to go…but I know that God can pull me through it. I’ve made it this far. I shouldn’t and I can’t give up yet.



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