The Here and Now.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that I should live in the here and now time and time again. But these last two days have really been showing me why. I think it’s because if we look to the future to much, and if we don’t focus on the things that are happening around us right this second…we’ll miss something beautiful and something encouraging. Yesterday at church, it was one simple comment about me not texting a person to hang out, that made me super happy. I know that sounds weird, but to me it’s as if she was saying… “hey, i’m still wanting to hang out with you…let’s make this happen”, and that to me means SO much. Also at church yesterday I got to plan to hang out with some of my friends this week and when my boyfriend gets here. We got to chat for a while and it made me realize, I have some of the most amazing friends at HOME and I’ve taken them for granted. And today, I got the opportunity to really be in the here and now and just kinda go with the flow and worry about nothing else but what we were going to do next. To me it was a completely random day, and I loved it.

I went to my best friends house in which we just got to sit and talk about our lives. We talked about our families, our summers, the hard times and the good times, our worries, our friends, our hearts and our relationships with Christ. It was BY FAR one of the greatest conversations I’ve had all summer, and it was an in the moment conversation. After that we decided to go see a movie, and to invite one of the high schoolers that we grew up with randomly. We got Starbucks (randomly/kinda randomly) and then just went to go see Turbo. After that we drove back to get all of our things and we got ready for the night with my best friends small group at Downtown Disney. We just walked around, got some ice cream, went to the toy store, took some pictures and it was great. I got to hang out with some of my really good friends and just…be in the here and now. I forgot how wonderful it was…to not worry about tomorrow. It was fantastic…to not think about when I’ll be going back to school. It was wonderful to realize that no matter where I go, I will always have someone that loves me. It doesn’t matter if it’s my Indiana home, my Florida home, or even my Alabama home…there is always someone that I can be in the here and now with and it’s something I need to learn how to work with more.

It’s the here and now that is going to guide me through the rest of the summer. It’s the here and now that is going to get me excited about where I am. I should be feeling blessed with all that I have, and I haven’t lately and I’m ashamed of that. I have one of the most amazing lives and I can’t believe I’ve taken that for granted…just because I haven’t been living in the here and now. I’ve spent my entire first two months of summer thinking of different ways that I could go back to Indiana, go see my friends in different places when I had plenty of friends here waiting to hang out with me. I only have three months with these people here, and who knows when I’ll get to see them again. But I have months with my Indiana friends, who is to say that one is more valuable than the other. I’ve learned so many great and amazing things from both groups of people, but I’m starting to understand now that I’ve been giving my Florida friends for this summer for specific reasons. I’ve really gotten to grow this summer with my best friend from home and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I forgot how similar we are, and how much I’ve needed her encouragement and I’ve forgotten how great it is to have a friend that I can encourage while encouraging myself at the same time. Living in the here and now is this great gift that God has been showing me lately and I want to make sure that I do that for the rest of the short time that I have here. I have a month (less than that in Florida) until summer is over. I have just a few weeks that I can be with my niece and my nephew, my best friend, my other family members and my home church. It’s not long, but it will have to do.

I know that I need to make a commitment to be in the here and now this summer and to not take anything for granted. I want to live the rest of this summer with spontaneity and with excitement. I don’t want to regret one minute that I have here. It’s such a short time with these people that I love so much and I want to make the best of my opportunities. So I say, bring on the fun. Bring on the heat. Bring on the summer, because I’m not done with Florida yet. I have one month till it’s over and I want this to count. I want this to be the best summer I’ve had yet, and I can’t let myself get in the way anymore. I choose the here and now, and I choose it today! 🙂

Let's never grow up.

Let’s never grow up.

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