Babysitting and Coffee

Maybe it’s the espresso or the ridiculous amount of time it takes to feed the 2 year old that we watch, but it’s nights like these that get me hyped up about life, and just so thankful for the people I have in my life RIGHT NOW!

Tonight, I thought was going to be difficult. Just because I know that all of my friends are together and I’m down here in Florida. But I always forget that being where I am right now is the biggest blessing in the world, and I wouldn’t have traded the conversations that I’ve had today for any other option. From talking about relationships, to the book of Revelation, to friends and family…my best friend just makes me wonder why I would ever want to leave this place.

It’s great when you can just sit down with a friend over a BEAUTIFUL cup of coffee and just talk…about life. I mean, it’s happened a lot this summer. At least these last couple of weeks it has, and I didn’t realize how much I needed it until today. I’ve needed it for a long time I think. Since last semester even, I think I just needed to talk to someone about life and then have them share their life with me as well. I think sometimes I miss that at school, with the hustle and bustle of college…but here it’s one of the greatest things that connects us to one another.

Having the opportunity to talk to my friend about how she is doing after a pretty difficult summer, then having the chance to give her advice on the situation; followed by her coming back and asking me about my life, summer and beyond summer is just about the biggest blessing. We’ve been friends for such a long time, and we’ve gone through so much together, I’ve just forgotten it as we’ve spent our time apart. But today I realized that this friendship will never die, because it’s one that isn’t based on being physically with one another. It’s based on knowing one another. God has shown me so many things through this girl and I’m just so happy to be her friend.

I’ve never quite understood how blessed I was to be able to come home this summer until tonight when I just got to sit down with my best friend from home and talk about my life at Taylor. Sometimes I find it hard to talk to people who don’t know the life I live at Taylor, but tonight I had this great awakening about how helpful it is to get help from people who aren’t in the situation. Getting the chance to talk to her about what I’ve been struggling with, what I’ve been seeing, what I haven’t been seeing and just so much more has given me the opportunity to really look into this next year and how I can make it the best possible year to end my time at Taylor. It’s amazing to see how people who are on the outside can speak into your life. It amazes me to have a friend from home, help me pinpoint where my problems are coming from. It astounds me to realize that this friend that I’ve had for so much of my life knows me so well…even when I haven’t been with her for a couple years.

All in all, God is SO GOOD! After tonights talk, I feel so blessed to be where I am with God. Tonight gave me a new perspective of where I’ve come from and where I’m going. It’s given me a chance to see the person that I am, and the person that I was. It’s shown me how important words are to me, especially from specific people. In one night, I’ve learned so much about my God, and myself…I can’t even believe it. One night, taking the time to talk has made me believe again that God can do anything and will do anything for His children. One night, has shown me that God doesn’t give up on those that follow Him. His LOVE is so big, so great, so huge…that He just surrounds those He loves with His helping hands. My God…My Father…He never stops affirming me, and I think that is pretty dang awesome (:


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