The Blog Post Everyone has: Transitions

That’s right, it’s true. Everyone really does have one if you think about it. Some people even have whole entire blogs on their transitions from one place to the next. Even though I don’t think I could make a whole blog out of the transitions that I’m going through, I’m pretty sure that I could make one entry. If not, a couple about the terrible subject of transitions.

I have to say that this transition back to Taylor, after the longest summer of my entire life has been the hardest. I’m just gonna name off a couple points first to make sure that I really understand all that I’m transitioning through:

-New Roommate
-Boyfriend Across Campus
– Boyfriend is PA and busy
-Living with 3 people I’ve never lived with
-Living in an Apartment
-Last Semester of Classes
-3 Jobs
-Roommate of 2 years is gone
-Best friends have graduated
-Having all my classes ONLY on Tuesday and Thursdays
-Probably a billion other things that I shouldn’t put on a blog

So all in all, this semester is getting to be a little too much for me…and it’s only day 2. I’m not quite sure how to handle it, and I’m not sure what I’m suppose to be doing with my life. I’ve been sitting here all day with nothing to do, and people tell me I should figure out a new hobby. A new hobby? What should that be? I already have enough on my plate right now, and yet I’m bored. What in the world is wrong with me?

But transitions. They happen. And this is really unfortunate. I didn’t realize how hard transitions where until I had so many. I’ve been talking to past graduates and listen to them talk about their transition out of Taylor and just how hard it was. But the thing is they never did tell me HOW HARD it was to transition into senior year. No one mentioned that living across campus is hard when all you know is your one hall you’ve been living in for three years. After living in the same room and having the same roommate for two years I must say that this is a little confusing for me to be living in an apartment with another one of my best friends.

But to be honest, trying to transition into adulthood is hard. It’s hard being away from so many of the people I use to live life with. It’s hard to not have a convenient life anymore, where we all lived in the same building. It’s hard to just… not see everyone everyday. But even though I know there is some positive to all these transitions, I think I’m just transitioning to that good positive stage right now. Everything is confusing, it’s hard, and it makes me anxious. This place that I’m in now is something that I’ve never experienced before, and it’s not something I thought I would ever have to deal with at Taylor. I thought senior year was going to be great and just easy for me, but instead it’s one of the hardest times I’ve been going through at Taylor and I’ve only been on campus for 5 days now.

I’m trying to see that the transitions will be over soon, and one day I will understand why things happen and how to work around transitions better next time. But for now…life is confusing, rough, and overwhelming and I can’t wait till this transition period of my life is over. I hope that i’ll see the positives soon, and I bet I will but I guess we’ll just have to see.

So until next time…

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