Different Stages

You know how sometimes people say that they are just at a different stage than you are. And then you kinda confused about how they are any different than you are. Well … this week, for some reason, I’ve thought about the idea of different stages of life and how it’s actually real true how everyone is so different. In college it is incredibly ridiculous how you can be around the same age as your friends, but be at a completely different point of your life. For sure though, I’m not saying that any stage is better than any other (just to clarify) but it’s true that when you are in college… everyone is different and we are all at different stages in our lives. Living in the apartments this year, being in a relationship, considering graduate schools and jobs for next year, preparing myself for the last few months at Taylor as a regular student; it’s all a little terrifying and it’s really helped to realize that I am just at a different stage of my life than some other people at Taylor. 

I was thinking about my friends and just how there are some things they can’t understand about what I’m going through and I can’t understand what they’re going through. We come from different family backgrounds and different pasts but beyond that I’m not at the stage of where they are now. I think within the last couple of months I’ve heard a lot from people that everyone is different in everything that they do. But I think this week alone, I’ve really gotten to see what they were talking about. I’m friends with people all ages on campus (maybe not as many freshman though) and all of them are crazy different. I have friends that are married, some are engaged, some are sophomores, some are seniors, there are some music majors, computer science majors, engineering majors, education majors, you name it…I probably know someone. But it’s a bit crazy when you think about the Taylor community and just how weird we all in that we are all friends. But in being a residential campus, friendships are bound to happen with people who are younger, older, and have completely different life goals than you do. But in knowing that, we must realize that we are all at different stages of life. 

I’ve learned this past week that I have people in different “categories” that relate to the different aspects of my life right now. I have friends that are dating to freak out to when I’m confused, social work friends to help calm me down when I don’t know what I’m doing in this major, and then other friends that are like the “emotional roller coaster” friends who just seem to slap me out of it when I’m falling apart. It’s funny when I type this all out though because it’s true that I have “categories”. Think about how different your friends are, and how you talk to different people about different areas in your life. I’m finding out that it’s great to have all these different friends because I know that some people don’t understand some aspects of my life. I can’t go to my “emotional roller coaster” friends about dating questions when they’ve never dated anyone, and I can’t go to my dating friends for my social work problems because that might not be the best solution. However, I need each of these different “categories” so that I can fully process all that’s going on in my life. 

I use to think that just a group of people can handle all of one person, but it isn’t true. You need different people for different stages of your life. No one person is going to be exactly like you and is going to understand every part of your life. But different people together can help form a “support group” for you and can go through different areas of your life with you. Stages are different. You can be going through numerous ones at a time, in my opinion; and you can also just be farther ahead in some and far behind in others. I don’t really know if one person is far ahead in everything or far behind in everything, but I do know that each person is unique. God made us pretty special. He took a lot of time to make sure that we were different from one another and I think it’s because He wants to show us how the body of Christ needs to be. Just like I can’t go to one friend for all of my problems in life and how I need numerous people to process with; the body needs the different body parts to survive. There is the brain, the arms, the feet, the hands, the heart, the lungs, legs, and every other vital organ that you pretty much always need to survive; and they all come together to create a person. A special, unique, one of a kind person that is different in their own ways. 

Especially here at Taylor, everyone is different. Although I can be really great friends with someone, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to go to them in something that they have absolutely no experience in. But without them in another area of my life, I would be lost. The body (church) is a really interesting thing. I think it’s one of my favorite concepts to think about as everyone is different and at different stages of their lives; but it’s so good to have different people. People are pretty interesting in the lives that they are living. We can be on one small plot of land in the middle of 5 cornfields, but we can all be so different in the ways that we are living out our lives. 

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