To Be Known.

Pretty much everyone wants someone to know them, and to know them well. But when you go to college and you only come home a couple times a year, being known is kinda hard. After talking to my best friend from school the other day we talked about how hard it was to be home at times. It’s not like my family and my Florida friends don’t know me. They just don’t know how I’ve changed these last three and a half years. I think I’ve spent a total of about 6 months since high school with my friends and family in Florida and because of that…they’ve missed a lot.

Of course I can always talk to people over Skype or call them when I’m at school when something big happens or even something small. But it’s hard when you go to a college that pretty much shapes you every week. Going to Taylor has been such a great opportunity, but changing so much is hard to talk to someone who isn’t experiencing it with you.

It’s weird being close to so many of my friends from home still and not having them understand what Taylor is like. It’s hard having them not understand all of the different things that have shaped the way that I am. And even with the friends that have gone to Taylor before me, it’s hard to talk to them because they don’t know the people involved, or what lead up to all the different events. Going to school far away and not being good at non-face-to-face contact is a struggle.

It’s in knowing the struggle though that has helped me realize that these relationships are going to be hard, but there needs to be more of an effort in them in order for them to work. If I do really care about these people, and if I do want to be known, I have to share more often what’s different. After talking to the bestie, I realized it’s really possible to have your friends and family from home know you, and to have them understand where you are at in life. It just takes a lot more effort. At school we can just talk to our friends quickly, and it’s done. But with people from home we must explain the situation more in detail and can’t give up when we just feel like we can’t do it anymore. Relationships as a whole are hard, but long distance relationships are far harder. But in that can come great success and great friendship that can last a lifetime.

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