Inevitable Endings.

Well, we’ve reached that point. The week is finally here (actually it is pretty much over). Finals week is upon us, the senior oral comps are over, and I only have biology left to do. My final semester at Taylor is coming to a close and I’m going in home in two days. Thinking back to this semester though, so much has happened. So much that I can’t even remember it all at this time as I write this…but I promise it is a lot.

This semester I had my last cycle of classes. My last lectures and my last (mostly) exams. It’s over. Everything is ending. Knowing this is super exciting, but as I think about all of the other things that are coming to an end, the inevitable endings just kinda get a little bit depressing. A couple of my friends are graduating, I’m not going to be a “real” student here anymore (not getting back till 9pm every night is a struggle) and I feel as though I’m losing my last opportunity to really work on relationships before I graduate. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been jipped an entire semester but when I think about… nope it’s true.

Anyways… it’s hard to realize that it’s all coming to an end in a way. I’m not saying that life is coming to and end. It’s really just this stage in life is coming to an end. College just went by so quickly and I wasn’t really expecting it. It’s hard and I’m not the biggest fan of the moving on process but I know it’s what is next in the plan. I’m gonna miss going to classes (as weird as that sounds) and I’m going to miss being able to just see people that you know everywhere you go. But as I look to the future I know that Taylor is only a small portion of the great times I will have in my life. It’s only 4 years of what I hope to be a much longer life.

While talking to an alumni a couple of months ago they told me to look at Taylor as being the stepping blocks for your future and nothing more. We are here to prepare ourselves for the rest of our lives. Taylor is just four years because it’s not actually that significant. Yes, it has definitely changed me for the better. But it’s the after part of Taylor that will really show me what life is going to be like and should be like. I can’t live here forever, nor do I want to. Popping the Taylor bubble will inevitable come soon and it will all come to an end. This journey. These four years. This stage in my life. But bigger and better things (as cheesy as that sounds) are out there…and I think I’m excited for it all to happen. We just have to get through the sad parts first.


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